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Low-Cost flights can get very cheap especially if you book in advance, but from my experience there are few hidden costs that you must be aware of:

  • Check-In - You are probably thinking what hidden costs you might have for Check-In, well you will be surprised to hear that some low-cost companies are charging up to 75$ per person for airport Check-In. before your flight make sure to finish the Check-In online and avoid surprises.
  • Luggage - In most cases only one in flight 8kg suitcase is allowed per person as part of the ticket price. In order to add suitcase you will need to pay an extra fee, it is cheaper to add a suitcase online before the trip than in the airport. In Air Baltic for example it is cheaper to add suitcase if you booked the flight through their website directly and not through travel agent.
  • Flight Search results - When you search for a flight in websites like or the results are sorted by the flight price. This sorting is misleading since  adding the hidden cost can change the order, as a thumb rule try to add 50$ to a low-cost result when comparing it with traditional airline.
  • Meals - When traveling with children or any flight duration of more then 3 hours require at least a snack. Low Cost airlines will sell snacks or meals on demand. 
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