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Top things to do in Phuket with kids – guide for families

Phuket is a great destination for a family holiday. There is everything that makes it perfect for the kids as well as the adults. The main advantage is the sheer number of things to do in Phuket with kids.

But when you travel with kids, it pays to be prepared. This post we aim to produce a complete guide to the best things to do in Phuket with kids useful for any kind of day.

Phang Nga Bay day trip

This one is great for families with older kids – you need to be able to travel by speedboat and do a little canoeing/kayaking in the water. Whilst it’s not suitable for younger families, it is the perfect mix of activity and adventure for older families and will be a real day to remember.

The speedboat ride is fast and an experience in itself travelling across the sea to get to the island. The lush scenery of the bay is incredible and its beauty is worth the trip alone for the adults. Once there, most tour companies incorporate a tour on a kayak of the bay and exploring a cave guided by crew. Lunch is always provided and usually well reviewed.

We think the packages by voyagin are some of the most dependable for Phang Nga Bay.

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Phuket Trickeye museum

Museums are a great way to escape the heat and add variety to a day. There are a number of museums in Phuket, but by far the best for kids is the Trickeye museum. This is an interactive experience that is more of an attraction than a museum – but does the trick when it comes to entertaining.

It is very close to the old town in Phuket and can add a child friendly break to a day of exploration for the grownups. Great for kids of all ages.

The Phuket Fantasea show

Fantasea is a theatrical show on a purpose built theme park site on the island. The show itself is akin to a circus style performance with animals and dancing. It is perfect for children of all ages and engages adults at the same time. It is a true favourite for almost all visitors of the island visiting either Fantasea or Siam Niramit at least once during their visit. We recommend Fantasea for families with kids as it tends to be a little more engaging for children and involves more animals.

The evening begins with a hotel pickup and early arrival to enjoy the theme park with endless activities for children. There is a mix of games, local Thai culture and photo opportunities. The buffet dinner is optional when purchasing the ticket, but is very high quality and recommended.

ATV tour in the jungle

Getting deep into the rainforest is one of the most immersive experiences to be had in Phuket. The best way to experience being in the jungle is to take an ATV tour. Perfect for children old enough to sit in front of an adult with a helmet over the age of 10.

The tour is guided and the pace is up to you. The nature is beautiful and the feeling of being surrounded is what makes this truly special. Along with the exhilarating experience of riding around in an ATV on the carefully selected dirt roads it appeals to everyone no matter how old.

This can be done on any kind of day except perhaps if it is raining very heavily as it can get quite muddy. Perfect for a cloudy/cool day that is not warm enough for the beach. Booking online will ensure you get personal insurance with a reputable firm included in the package.

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Phuket bird park

The Phuket bird park is truly special and an experience that both the children and grownups will not forget. The bird shows are incredible and unlike some other animal experiences, this park is much more ethical and humane to its inhabitants.

The birds are both rare and very impressive. Recommended for children of all ages, especially younger kids. Booking is available online and admission is inexpensive.

Splash jungle waterpark

One of the most popular things to do in Phuket with kids. Splash jungle waterpark is a modest sized waterpark with swimming, slides and attractions. Perfect for a hot sunny day for children of all ages as well as being entertaining even for adults.

It is slightly expensive as entrance fees are around 1200 baht for adults and half that for children. Another issue is that it is far from the rest of the island, located just north of the airport. As a result this is best done with transport arranged in advance with a long day planned for the trip. If you arrive late in the day the spaces around the pools can become crowded so it pays to leave the hotel early. It is also possible to spend the night in the hotel at the waterpark if your base hotel is too far.

Booking through Klook can often mean you get a discount on the tickets.

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Spend the day at the beach

This is obvious! But with a young family it is important to know which beaches are the most child friendly. We recommend Karon beach for families – it is one of the cleanest, most accessible and spacious beaches on the island. Bangtao is another favourite for its cleanliness and space but a little far from the south of Phuket.

Patong and Kata are often too crowded and not ideal for families, although they are beautiful for a visit nonetheless. Rawaii beach is also not ideal as it is somewhat isolated with lots of rocks in places. It is also used for mooring by a lot of local boats. Naiharn beach is beautiful but often swimmers experience tiny jellyfish stings. These are not real jellyfish and cannot be seen with the naked eye, and although not dangerous can be quite annoying!

White water rafting in the rainforest

Another way to experience the beautiful nature of Phuket is to spend a day white water rafting. Just like ATV tours, it is an incredibly immersive experience allowing you to get lost in the rainforest. You don’t need any experience of rafting to enjoy the water, it makes for a perfect day out if it’s warm or even rainy. Children over 5 are suitable as the activity can be tailored to the intensity required.

Most packages also incorporate other activities like a zip line and activity park which is a highly recommended for children. At the end of the day we guarantee you will sleep well and the kids will be fulfilled – this is an activity to balance out lazy days at the beach with something truly special and different. Booking via govoyagin will also allow you to benefit from their personal insurance and work with trained crew to guide the tour.

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Top things to do in Phuket with kids

It goes without saying that there are an endless number of things to do in Phuket with kids. These are our select favourites that create lifelong memories and will entertain the grownups as well.

Just as important as the daily activities however, or perhaps more so, is the accommodation you choose to stay on the island. Not all locations are very child friendly and not all beaches are comfortable for families. Check out our guide on picking where to stay if you have still not decided.

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